Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tequila-Lime Chicken

This is a easy version of tequila-lime chicken, using a lot fewer ingredients than most I've seen.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 cup lime juice
1 T chopped or minced garlic
Garlic powder
Paprika / Smoked Paprika
1/2 cup tequila
1 cup tortilla chips
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar jack cheese
1/2 cup Mexi-ranch dressing:
     Sour Cream
     Ranch Dressing
Slice Lime (for garnish)

For MARINADE:  Mix lime juice, tequila and garlic & put into a sealable plastic bag.


 Place chicken breasts inside plastic bag with liquid marinade.
Whenever marinating, I usually poke a few holes in the meat
or poultry, so all that luscious flavor can penetrate to the inside. 

Refrigerate a minimum of 2 hours...up to 6 hours.


Mix 1 T. salsa with 3 T. Ranch Dressing and 1 T. sour cream
I made quick salsa from a few cherry tomatoes, fresh cilantro, onion, lime juice and chopped jalapeno peppers.  You can use prepared salsa from the store, if that's what you have on hand.

Add Ranch Dressing

Add Sour Cream

Add Salsa

Mix Together

Mexi-Ranch Dressing Complete!  Refrigerate until needed.

Mix salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, cumin together -  about 1 tsp. of each.  Set aside.

After marinating chicken for 2 - 6 hours, remove it from the liquid, and rub with seasoning mix.

Lightly oil grill or grill pan.  Cook over medium heat, roughly 10 minutes or until thoroughly cooked -  turning over once.  (Internal temperature should reach 165 degrees).

The safe internal temperature for chicken is 165°F.

To assemble: Scatter tortilla chips on an oven-safe plate or lined baking sheet. Place chicken on top of tortilla chips.

Spoon Mexi-Ranch dressing over chicken.

Cover with the shredded Cheddar jack cheese.

Place chicken under the broiler just until cheese is melted. Be sure to keep an eye on it, so chips won't burn!

Garnish with cilantro, if desired.   Serve with Pico de Gallo or Spanish rice on the side.

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