Welcome to Kitchen Epiphany, where you and I will strive to become the best “home chefs” on the planet with no formal culinary arts training.

This blog was designed to encourage people to cook more at home, which is often cheaper, healthier and more gratifying that eating OUT all the time!

Plus, you are totally in control of what goes into your own food  - who knows what really goes on in the kitchen of some restaurants anyway...!

Besides kitchen-testing recipes, I'll also share with you any cool gadgets, appliances, interesting/special cooking utensils I've tried out and/or recommend you add to your kitchen setup.

epiph·a·ny \i-'pi-f?-ne\ - an illuminating  realization of something.   A "Kitchen Epiphany" is when you realize that cooking is not only about putting "food on the table," but understanding that creating a meal can be a great stress release and an avenue to let your creativity shine! And let's face it - good food (like good music) brings people together and makes people happy!

Think about how satisfying it will be to whip up some tasty things for your family, friends - or to impress a date! ::wink, wink::

Please check my Cooking Illustrated page every couple of weeks for something new, and Come Have a Kitchen Epiphany with me!

~ Mimi~

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